This blog is being run by a collective of writers and will draw from articles from around the web on ebola, with a special tip of the hat to the work at Ebolagate where much is collected and continues to appear.  We hope this blog will be a service to the country and the world we all love.  We hope as well to help people stand up to fear as they take responsibility for making the world safe for goodness to bloom.


The world is an infinite gift to us, and us to it.  Happiness is available in every minute, and in everything we see, there’s wonder.

Meanwhile, people who miss that life is a gift and that each and every one of us are gifts, have concocted a world of strange rules and odd laws and industrial crud and even viruses.  They have taken love and made fear.

And this blog is about turning on the light to shoo those boogie men out from under the bed, and getting rid of all the dusty and icky obstacles they were making under there,  to wonder and love.

Some are scared of boogie men but since we love this world and all that is in it,  we only need to remember that love, to be brave.  We are the guardians of such goodness in the world, so remembering butterflies and tadpoles and babies’ first cries, we drag boogie men out of hiding and point to the door and tell them to go.

And hand them a paper bag with all their fears and home-made viruses, to take with them on their way out.


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