Hoping Ebola Vaccines Are As Effective As Smallpox and Polio Vaccines? You Might Seriously Want to Rethink That

by David Tree


If one is waiting for ebola vaccines the US government will be providing, it might be useful to begin by getting a clear picture of just how much the US government cares about Americans when it comes to diseases.


1977 The US Army admits that it had carried out hundreds of biological warfare tests in the United States over a period of decades since World War II, including 25 major operations targeting the American public employing known disease-causing agents. Crop disease substances were used 31 times.  

Video of what the US did covertly to Americans in the 60s and 70s.

Video of what the US is doing now.


The US is repeating the sprayings done in the 60s and 70s, but has added additional toxins:

Aluminum Oxide Particles




Bacilli and Molds


Barium Salts


Barium Titanates








Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells


Ethylene Dibromide


Enterobacter Cloacal




Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA)






Methyl Aluminum


Mold Spores




Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass


Nitrogen Trifluoride


Known as CHAFF)




Polymer Fibers


Pseudomonas Aeruginosa


Pseudomonas Florescens


Radioactive Cesium


Radio Active Thorium




Serratia Marcscens


Sharp Titanium Shards








Sub-Micron Particles


(Containing Live Biological Matter)


Unidentified Bacteria



Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins


1977 Congressional Hearings on the cancer problem in the United States. A report generated concluded that “the public has been misled by the major cancer organizations for the past 25 years.” It recommended that those benefiting from “the system” not be allowed to dictate the choices available to the American public.  This Congressional study was ignored.

Right now, those “benefiting from ‘the system'” are doing a great deal more than dictating the choices available to the American people.  They control every aspect of a disease, ebola,  which they created through funding of US bioweapons labs and which they patented. They have taken martial law control over the US in a lead up to pushing ebola vaccines on the entire population – vaccines that spell trillions for them and potential death for millions of Americans.  And this is happening just as the economy is due to collapse.  What’s so interesting about ebola is that the very people who caused (rigged) 9/11, rigged the economy, and are facing possible arrest for themselves, have been rigging diseases for quite some time without people knowing it.  

Here’s their FLU to COUP script with Jesuits behind the scenes, prompting with cues, and David Rockefeller in the leading role.


And here is what they have planned for November.



David Rockefeller, who was mentioned in the article above as involved in this “medical” coup plan, has control over all of the agencies listed above, as well as hospitals, medical schools, research foundations and more.  The Rockefellers have been obsessed with eugenics and the elimination of “inferior” people since the 1920s, and funded genocide under Hitler in the 1930’s and 40’s, and afterwards set up covert vaccine sterilizing programs through the UN and WHO.


The Rockefellers are heavily involved in vaccines.

Here’s what Andrew Carnegie, in 1880, said about himself and the Rockefellers

1890 Andrew Carnegie writes a series of eleven essays called “The Gospel of Wealth”, a treatise which essentially stated that free enterprise and capitalism no longer existed in the United States, because he and Rockefeller owned everything, including the government, and that competition was impossible unless they allowed it.

Since those behind the bioweaponized ebola virus are recommending their own vaccines as the solution to ebola, it might be useful to look at what people would hope for in an ebola 

Would the best case scenario for an ebola vaccine be that it is as effective as the small pox and polio vaccines were for eradicating the threat from those disease?

Here is historical information on the smallpox vaccine and the polio vaccine, the two vaccines that are touted as pinnacles of achievement of modern medicine, as well as proof of how invaluable vaccines in general are for saving lives.  (A few other vaccines included to give a fuller picture of vaccine effectiveness.)

Much but not all of the material comes from:

http://www.relfe.com/history_1.html  and http://liamscheff.com/2011/02/rethinking-polio/

460-437 B.C  Paralysis, resulting from poisoning, has probably been known since the time of Hippocrates.

1765  Boerhaave, Germany, stated: “We frequently find persons rendered paralytic by exposing themselves imprudently to quicksilver, dispersed into vapors by the fire, as gilders, chemists, miners, etc., and perhaps there are other poisons, which may produce the same disease, even externally applied.”

1810 The London Medical Observer (Vol.VI, 1810) publishes particulars of “535 cases of smallpox after vaccination, 97 fatal cases of smallpox after vaccination and 150 cases of serious injury from vaccination, ten of whom were medical men.”

1822 The British government advances Edward Jenner another £20,000 for “smallpox vaccine” experimentation. Jenner suppresses reports which indicate his concept is causing more deaths than saving lives.

1824  Cooke, England, stated: “Among the exciting causes of the partial palsies we may reckon the poison of certain mineral substances, particularly of quick silver, arsenic, and lead. The fumes of these metals or the receptance of them in solution into the stomach, have often caused paralysis.” 

[The US government is currently spraying this country with mercury – quick silver – arsenic, and lead.]

1831 Smallpox epidemic in Wurtemberg, Germany, where 995 vaccinated people succumb to the disease.

1831 In Marseilles, France, 2000 vaccinated people are stricken with smallpox.

1850  Colton mentions the case of a patient who swallowed some arsenic accidentally and was admitted to the hospital. The primary effects of the poison had been successfully combated with proper remedies, but seven days afterward he became paralyzed. It is significant to note that there was a latent period of several days before the paralysis appeared since this delayed reaction is comparable to the incubation period in infectious diseases.

1863 Second major epidemic of smallpox in England lasts until 1865. 20,000 die.

1867 Vaccination Act of 1867 in England begins to elicit protest from the population and increase in the number of anti-vaccination groups. It compelled the vaccination of a baby within the first 90 days of its life. Those who objected would be continually badgered by magistrates and fined until the child turned 14. The law was passed on the assurance of medical officials that smallpox vaccinations were safe.

1870 Third major smallpox epidemic in England begins and lasts until 1872. Over 44,800 dies.

1871 In Birmingham, England from 1871 to 1874, there were 7,706 cases of smallpox.  Out of these, 6,795 had been vaccinated.

1871 In Bavaria, Germany, vaccination is compulsory and re-vaccination is commonplace. Out of 30,472 cases of smallpox, 29,429 had been vaccinated.

1871 Worldwide epidemic of smallpox begins. Claims 8 million people worldwide.

1871 Select committee of the Privy Council convened to inquire into the Vaccination Act of 1867 (England), as 97.5% of the people who died from smallpox were vaccinated for it.

1872 Japan institutes compulsory smallpox vaccination. Within 20 years 165,000 smallpox cases manifest themselves.

1872 In England, 87% of infants are vaccinated for smallpox. Over 19,000 die in England and Wales. (See 1925).

1878 Louis Pasteur tells his family never to show anyone his lab notebooks. His last surviving grandson donated the documents to the Bibiotheque Nationale in Paris in 1964. Later, historians would begin to examine Pasteurs notes and would find evidence of potential scientific misconduct and a large degree of dubious human experimentation. (See 1993 Gerald Geison).

1879  Vulpian experimentally produced paralysis of the extensor muscles of a dog by lead poisoning. The lesions, consisting in colloid degeneration and cell atrophy of the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord were pronounced by Vulpian as poliomyelitis. [The US government is currently spraying this country with lead.]

1879  Adamkiewitz reported two parallel cases, one of poliomyelitis and one of lead poisoning.  [The US government is currently spraying this country with lead.]

1880 Smallpox vaccinations start in the United States.

1881 Popow8 of St. Petersburg, published an essay upon the pathological anatomy of arsenical paralysis as produced artificially in animals. The work of Popow was carried out under the guidance of the distinguished neurologist and microscopist, Professor Mierzeyeski. Popow concluded that arsenic, even in a few hours after its ingestion, may cause acute central myelitis or acute poliomyelitis.
[The US government is currently spraying this country with arsenic.]

1884 In England, Dr. Charles Creighton is asked to write an article for the Encyclopedia Britannica on vaccination.  After much research internationally, he concludes that vaccination constituted “a gross superstition”. Later, Creighton writes two books, “Cowpox and Vaccinal Syphilis” and “Jenner and Vaccination”.

1884 In England, more that 1700 children vaccinated for smallpox die of syphillis.

1884 Dr. Sobatta of the German Army reports on the results of vaccination to the German Vaccination Commission, which subsequently publishes data proving that re-vaccination does not work. Deaths from vaccination are routinely covered up by physicians.

1886 A seven year period begins in Japan where 25,474,370 vaccinations and re-vaccinations are performed in Japan, representing 66% of the entire population of Japan. During that period, there are 165,774 cases of smallpox with 28,979 deaths. (See 1955).

1887 In England, Dr. Edgar M. Crookshank, professor of pathology and bacteriology at Kings College, is asked by the British government to investigate the cowpox outbreak in Wiltshire. The result of the investigation was contained in two volumes of “The History and Pathology of Vaccination”, in which he states thatthe credit given to vaccination belongs to sanitation”.

1888 Bacteriological Institute in Odessa, Russia tries its hand at a vaccine for anthrax. Over 4500 sheep are vaccinated; 3700 of them die from the vaccination.

1895 Diptheria vaccination program begins. Over the period lasting until 1907, 63,249 cases of diptheria were treated with anti-toxin. Over 8,900 died, giving a fatality rate of 14%. Over the same period, 11,716 cases were not treated with anti-toxin, of which 703 died, giving a fatality rate of 6%.

1896 Carlo Ruta, a professor at the University of Perugia in Italy, states that “vaccination is a world-wide delusion and an unscientific practice, with consequences measured today with tears and sorrow without end.”

1897  During an epidemic of poliomyelitis in Australia, Altman pointed out that phosphorous had been widely used by farmers for fertilizing that year. This observation may be of significance since in recent years organic phosphorus insecticides, such as parathion, have been suspected as possible causes of poliomyelitis.

1900 AMA began to achieve goal of replacing existing medical system with allopathy (system that treats diseases with drugs).

1900 Onuff reported a case of a painter [paints were lead based] with flaccid paralysis of both legs, in whom the autopsy showed lesions characteristic of poliomyelitis[The US government is currently spraying this country with arsenic.]


1901 Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research founded.

1902 Obsrastoff  reported a case of acute poliomyelitis resulting from arsenic poisoning. Phillippe  [The US government is currently spraying this country with arsenic.]


1902  Gossage writing on infantile paralysis, says: “The nerve cells or fiber may be acutely disabled by the action of some poison circulating in the blood, and it is possible that such poison would only temporarily impair their functions or so seriously affect them that recovery would be impossible.” [The US government is currently spraying this country with a long list of poisons.]


1902 The Chicago Health Department develops its “vaccination creed“, which states that “true vaccination repeated until it ‘no longer takes’ always prevents smallpox. Nothing else does.” The policy is immediately taken up by the US military.

1903 Gauthard  reported a case of anterior poliomyelitis from lead poisoning. 
[The US government is currently spraying this country with lead.]


1904 Eugenics (the study of the hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding) established as a course at University College in London.

1904 Eugenics laboratory established at Cold Springs Harbor on Long Island, constructed by Charles B. Davenport. Cold Springs facility is funded in excess of $11 million by the Harrimans and the Rockefellers.

1905 Eleven states in the US have compulsory vaccination laws; 34 states do not. No states physically force injections on citizens, Vaccination was made compulsory without state legislation providing for analysis of its history.

1907 Dr. David E. Edsall writing on the pathology of carbon monoxide poisoning in Osler’s System of Medicine, states: “Peripheral neuritis had repeatedly been described and poliomyelitis and disseminated encephalitis have been seen.”

1908  Collins and Martland reported a case of poliomyelitis which resulted from the use of cyanide as a silver polish. The illness began with diarrhea, followed by headache and pain and stiffness in the back of the neck. About eight days after the onset of the illness, he became paralyzed. In discussing Collins and Martland’s paper, Larkin stated that he had seen one instance of this disease following potassium cyanide poisoning. 
[The US government is currently spraying this country with silver.]
1908  “Karl Landsteiner and Erwin Popper, reported that they might have found an ‘invisible virus’ that had caused these epidemics. They made a suspension in water of minced diseased spinal cord from a nine-year-old victim of infantile paralysis, injected this noxious substance directly into the brains of two monkeys. The monkeys fell severely ill. One died and the other had its legs paralysed. The scientists dissected the monkeys and found damage in their central nervous tissues similar to that found in human cases of infantile paralysis.”  Liam Sheff


1909  Simon Flexner and Paul Lewis of the illustrious Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in the US ‘proved’ a similarly made noxious soup was ‘infectious’ by injecting it into the brain of one monkey. They then extracted some fluid from its brain, injected this into another monkey, and so on through a series of monkeys, paralysing all of them in the process. Flexner and Lewis reported: ‘We failed utterly to discover bacteria… that could account for the disease [paralysis]… The infecting agent of epidemic poliomyelitis [probably] belongs to the class of the minute and filterable viruses that have not thus far been demonstrated with certainty under the microscope.’


“In other words, we’ve injected a cocktail of viruses, cellular debris and DNA into a series of monkeys, and we believe that a virus, not yet identified within this noxious cocktail, is responsible! The procedure of Flexner and Lewis was just as dubious as their conclusion: they took no account of the contaminants in their mashed-up soup; they presumed what happened in monkeys would be replicated in humans; and surprisingly, given the evidence around at the time, they didn’t inject samples of cyanide or lead into the brains of monkeys to see if they also caused paralysis.”  Liam Sheff


1910  Neonatologist L Emmett Holt reported: ‘Even five years ago if anyone had suggested that the disease under discussion was an infectious or contagious one, it would have been looked upon as a joke.’


1909  Rockefeller Sanitary Commission established. Beginning of Rockefeller Foundation.


1909 New York Press, January 26, 1909 publishes a report by W.B. Clark which states, “cancer was practically unknown until cowpox vaccination began to be introduced. I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.

Scientific evidence begins to mount that where human lymph is employed in a vaccine, syphilis, leprosy and TB soon follow. Where calf lymph is employed in the creation of a vaccine, TB and cancer soon follow.
(Cancer and Vaccination by Esculapius).

1917 Wagner von Jauregg treats syphilitic paralysis by injecting malaria.

[1918  Military forces vacines, 14-25 vaccines were at a time, onto soldiers at the end of WWI who begin dying, often right in the infirmary where the vaccines were given.  Deaths are blamed on a non-existent “Spanish flu” and people were encouraged to get vaccines to protect themselves.  Doctors are told to use aspirin to treat the non-existent Spanish flu and people are told to take aspirin, despite how toxic and immune suppressing aspirin is.  20-50 million people diePatients treated by homeopaths who do not use vaccines or aspirin, survive.

This is the beginning of “modern medicine” as its two main products – vaccines and drugs – cause the greatest medical catastrophe in human history while traditional (natural) medicine saves lives.  These life and death facts are suppressed.

1920s The Rockefellers begin to take over medical education, hospitals, medical research, close down homeopathy hospitals and set up a foundation for eugenics.

1925 Doctors at the Paris Academy of Medicine discuss deaths occurring shortly after vaccination in Holland and other European countries.

1925 In England, less than 50% of infants are vaccinated for smallpox. 6 deaths occur. (See 1872).

1925 I.G. Farben is reorganized by the Warburgs as a merger between Badische Anilin, Bayer, Agfa, Hoechst, Welierter-Meer, and Griesheim Elektron.

1926 American I.G. founded as a holding company controlling I.G. Farben assets in the United States. Some board members were Edsel Ford, Charles Mitchell (President of Rockefeller‘s National City Bank of New York), Walt Teagle (President of Standard Oil), Paul Warburg (Federal Reserve chairman and brother of Max Warbug, financier of Nazi Germany’s war effort and Director of American I.G.) and Herman Metz, a director of the Bank of Manhattan, controlled by the Warburgs. Three other members of the Board of Governors for American I.G. were tried and convicted as German war criminals.

1927 Conference at the Hague, under the auspices of the League of Nations, on the subject of vaccination-caused deaths in Europe.

1927 Oliver Wendell Holmes writes the US Supreme Court decision in the case Buck v. Bell. In the case, a psychiatric inmate, Carrie Buck, was chosen for sterilization after having a child because she was deemed “feeble-minded”; Oliver Wendell Holmes writes, “It is better if society can prevent our being swamped with incompetence, it is better to prevent those who are manifestly unfit from breeding their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting of the fallopian tubes … three generations of imbeciles is enough“.

1930  In Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and other states there was an epidemic of paralysis.  The patients gave a history of drinking commercial extract of ginger [Jaked Ginger, with organophosphates – pesticides]. It is estimated that at the height of the epidemic there were 500 cases in Cincinnati district alone. The cause of the paralysis was subsequently shown to be triorthocresyl phosphate in a spurious Jamaica ginger. Death resulted not infrequently from respiratory paralysis similar to the bulbar paralysis deaths in poliomyelitis. On pathological examination, the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord in these cases showed lesions similar to those of poliomyelitis.

1932 Tuskegee Experiment begins on hundreds of black sharecroppers in Alabama, with the intent of watching “natural” syphilis, that is, not treating them as the disease progress. The men who are not informed they have syphilis, and are induced into the study by offers of food and a ride to the clinic.

1933 Danish researcher Thorvald Madsen discovers the Pertussis vaccine’s ability to kill infants without warning (SID). He reports that two babies vaccinated immediately after birth died in a few minutes.

1933 American researchers report that children react to Pertussis vaccine with fever, convulsions and collapse.

1933 I.G. Farben gives Nazis 4.5 million RM.  

1934 IG. Farbenindustrie completely under Nazi control. At some point, Rockefellers buy half interest in IG Farben and IG Farben buys half interest in Rockefellers‘ Standard Oil.

1935 Lobotomy introduced in the United States. In the next 30 years, over 100,000 people would have their brain mutilated in American medical institutions. At the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dr. Orlando J. Andy would apply lobotomy to six-year-old children.

1936 Pertussis vaccine introduced in the United States. Autism begins to appear in children shortly thereafter. (Autism: A mental illness of children characterised by inability to communicate or to relate to other people and, often, mental subnormality).

1936  I.G. Farben produces Zyklon B gas for extermination camps.

1936, during a campaign to eliminate yaws in WesternSamoa by the injection of arsenicals, an epidemic of poliomyelitis appeared simultaneously. [The US government is currently spraying this country with arsenic.]

In one community all of the patients developed paralysis in the same lower limbs and buttocks in which they had received the injections and this pattern was repeated in 37 other villages, whereas there was no paralysis in uninoculated districts. The natives accused the injections as the cause of the epidemic of poliomyelitis. Most of the cases of paralysis occurred one to two weeks after the injection of the arsenic[The US government is spraying the country with arsenic.]


1938 German chemist Schrader discovers Sarin, 10 times more lethal than Tabun, which is made with various compounds including Sodium Fluoride, which is later dumped into planetary water supplies to placate the population.

1938 The idea of “booster shots” arose as a “solution” to poor antibody response in infants and newborns. These become customary in the 1940’s.

1938 Reich Air Ministry is shipped 500 tons of tetra-ethyl lead gas additive from Standard Oil of New Jersey (EthylStandard) in the United States, through I.G. Farben, with payment secured through Brown Brothers Harriman on Sept 21, 1938.

1938 Germany invades Austria.

1938 FDR announces the creation of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (March of Dimes) which the Rockefellers ran.

Starting with 460-437 B.C and the many reports, above, paralysis and poliomyelitis from other causes than a virus indicate that poisons can cause polio.


“It would appear that not any one poison in particular would be responsible for all cases of poliomyelitis but the effect of any one of several could produce the same ultimate result. When a disease is known to be caused by a poison, it is obvious that a search for a germ or virus in relation to it would not be made.


“Conversely, if a so-called virus is believed to be associated with the disease, then the possibility of poisoning as the cause of the disease would not be considered. It will be shown, moreover, that some so-called virus diseases and virus inclusions can be caused by poisons.


“All of this was KNOWN. And ignored.


“The Vaccine movement, promoted by the FDR Whitehouse, promoted actively, supported DDT spraying and soaking of infant’s rooms, clothes, and of children at the beach …. ”


1938  Compulsory immunization instituted in Hungary. Diptheria cases rise 35% by 1940.

1939 Health Practitioners Law (Heilpraktikergesetz) is put into practice in Germany. Allowed psychotherapists to advance their professional claims within the field of health and medicine during the Third Reich. The law ended the ‘freedom to cure’ that had existed in Germany since 1870. The ‘freedom to cure’ which had given personal and professional access to all aspects of healing, current and future, instead of the narrowly defined parameters which exist today.

In future, the government would supervise all training of medical personnel, including officially approved health practitioners.

1939  Compulsory vaccination in Germany raises diptheria cases to 150,000.

1939  Psychiatrists in Brandenburg Germany begin operation of gas chambers to kill mental patients.

1939 Germany invades western Poland. Russia invades eastern Poland. Both Germany and Russia commit atrocities and mass murder.

1940 Germany orders compulsory mass immunization for children. As a result, by 1945, Germany’s Diptheria cases increase from 40,000 to 250,000.

1940 Soviet concentration camps maintained by fluoride administration to inmates to decrease resistance to authority and induce physical deteriorization.

1940 American intake of petroleum-based food colorings/additives increases ten-fold (to 1977). Most of the additives prove later to be carcinogenic.

1943 Nazis run vaccine experiments in Auschwitz on prisoners and search for a means to covertly sterilize patients at ordinary doctors appointments.

1943  General vaccine program against influenza begins in the US.

1945  I.G. Farben split into BASF, Bayer, and Hoechst.

1945  A survey of 10,000 boys in the US having had the smallpox vaccination also notes that 6% were associated with crime.

1945  Japan surrenders twice, followed by US bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki and a third and final surrender. The Allies mandate compulsory vaccination in Japan. The first cases of autism follow pertussis vaccine introduction.

1945  Postwar nitrate supplies designated to be added to food chain as fertilizer.

1945 Dr. Edwin Katzen-Ellenbogen, former member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School, sentenced to life in prison at Nuremberg for his role at Buchenwald. Ellenbogen became a member of the faculty at Harvard in 1910, left the US in 1915 and reappeared in Paris in 1941. He was heavily involved in the killing at Buchenwald.

1945 Operation Paperclip moves Nazi scientists, doctors, researchers, engineers and others out of Nazi Germany and into the US and other countries where they were given false passports and infiltrate agencies and organizations.

1945  UN is set up and controlled by the Jesuits and Vatican which organized and ran the Holocaust.

1946  UNESCO explicitly founded on eugenics by its first Director, Sir Julian Sorell Huxley, who coined the term “transhumanism” (as a means of disguising eugenics), received the Lasker Foundation in the category Planned Parenthood – World Population (1959) ….

Our first task must be to clarify the notion of desirable and undesirable directions of evolution, for on this will depend our attitude to human progress – to the possibility of progress in the first place, and then to its definition.” …. “whereas variety is in itself desirable, the existence of weaklings, fools, and moral deficients cannot but be bad.”


1946  CDC founded and allows the Tuskegee experiment, begun in 1932, to continueIt violates the Nuremberg, denying the uninformed, non-consenting black farmers knowledge that they had siphylis and denied them penicillin, a known and common cure.   CDC watches as the men suffer dementia, paralysis, blindness, infect their wives, deform their unborn children and die horrific deaths.


1946 Werne and Garrow describe the deaths of identical twins within 24 hours of their second Pertussis shot.


1946  A United States military handbook published in 1946 shows chemical compounds used in formulating the pesticide DDT are currently (2014) injected into babies.  The handbook entitled, “DDT and Other Insecticides and Repellents”, reveals Triton X-100, Tween 20, and Tween 80 were used as major components of spraying operations of DDT. Their stated purpose was to prevent separation of ingredients and increase absorption of DDT.


1946 Dr.Gerson demonstrates medical proof of complete remissions of cancer in over 33% of his patients before the Pepper-Neeley Congressional Sub- Committee for Hearings on S1875, a bill to authorize the president to wage war on cancer. Lobbying for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy defeats the bill by four votes. The bill supported research into dietary means for preventing and reversing cancer. Gerson’s publications were black-listed and he lost his license to practice medicine in New York.

1946  World Federation on Mental Health created. The term “eugenics”, because of its association with Nazi Germany, is dropped. The World Federation of Mental Health continues to support electroshock, lobotomy, mind control and other similar activities. It employs many who were involved in such practices in Nazi Germany.

1948  WHO is founded and then is funded by the Rockefellers and the same companies that comprised IG Farben, put Hitler into office, ran forced human experiments in prison camps, and mass murdered millions.

1947 Matthew Brody at the Brooklyn Hospital gives detailed descriptions of two cases of brain damage leading to death in children receiving Pertussis shots.

1947 Charles Posner of the Harvard Medical School Department of Neurology writes, “almost any vaccination can lead to noninfectious inflammatory reaction involving the nervous system. The common denominator consists of vasculopathy that is often associated with demyelination.” (demyelination is the stripping of the insulation away from the nerves).

1947  The British Medical Research Council begins testing 50,000 children in Britain with the Pertussis vaccine. All children tested are more than 14 months old (not newborns). Eight infants had convulsions within 72 hours of the shot, 34 had convulsions within 28 days of the shot.


British doctors denied a connection between the vaccine and the convulsions, declaring the tests a success and began administering it to all British children. Despite the Fact that none of the tests were conducted on children under 14 months old (newborns and babies), the United States holds the tests in evidence that the vaccine is safe for newborns as young as 6 weeks of age . The testing would continue until 1957.

1948 Randolph K. Byers and Frederick C. Moll of the Harvard Medical School publish an article describing children who had suffered brain damage after receiving Pertussis vaccine. The findings provided the first clear evidence that the vaccine caused serious neurological complications in children.

1948  Randolph Byes and Frederick Moll of Harvard Medical School validate that severe neurological disorders follow the administration of DPT vaccine. The research was performed at Childrens Hospital in Boston and published in Pediatrics magazine. Nothing was done by physicians to halt the use of DPT vaccine.

1948 A study on Pertussis vaccine reaction is done by Randolph K. Byers and Frederick C. Moll of the Harvard Medical School. They examine 15 children who had reacted violently within 72 hours of a Pertussis vaccination. All the children were normal before the shot. None had ever had a convulsion before. One of the children became blind, deaf, spastic and helpless after being given the Pertussis shot. Out of the 15 children, two died and nine suffered from damage to their nervous system. Physicians were displeased by these results.

1948 Dr.Sander, Vet Admin, discovers sugar intake related to polio development.

1948 England bans smallpox vaccine.

1948   The Rockefeller milk trust sells frozen products and pasteurized milk in North Carolina, closely allied with the Coca Cola company who sells large quantities of carbonated soft drinks.

1948  In North Carolina, Dr. Benjamin P. Sandler reveals that sugar and starches lower the blood sugar level, producing hypoglycemia. Also that soda pop (recently introduced) contains phosphoric acid that absorbs phosphorus and sulfates in food before natural metabolism can get it to the nervous system, causing the nerve trunks to fail to function properly. Sandler says that dairy products and sugared soft drinks are aggravating the incidence of polio.

1948  Polio cases in North Carolina number 2,498. See 1949.

1948 Louis Sauer makes an interesting observation at an AMA meeting where Pertussis vaccination was discussed. Louis Sauer points out that “the neurological damage caused by Pertussis vaccine is the same as the damage caused by Pertussis (whooping cough). (Which is logical, because they use the bacteria in the vaccine). According to Sauer, “a customary prophylactic dose of Pertussis vaccine seems to illicit a chain of nervous system reactions and in some cases irreversable pathological changes in the brain. These findings resemble those encountered in cases of severe whooping cough (Pertussis).” In other words, the vaccine is causing the disease condition.

1949  AMA Council of Pharmacy and Chemistry goes on record to deny that dietary changes could have anything to do with prevention or treatment of cancer.

1949 US Public Health Service Division of Biologics Standards establish a national potency test for Pertussis vaccine, and modify it in 1953 to establish potency limits. Despite this, the Pertussis vaccine that is pronounced “safe” still causes minimal brain damage (MBD) in humans.

1949  Noticing that polio strikes most in the summer, when children increase their intake of sugar, Dr. Sandler warns residents to cut down on sugar and dairy products in North Carolina. Polio cases dramatically decrease to 249. (See 1948, when they were 2,498).

1949 “Dr. F. R. Klenner, Reidsville, N.C.: It might be interesting to learn how poliomyelitis was treated in Reidsville, N.C., during the 1948 epidemic. In the past seven years, virus infections have been treated and cured in a period of seventy-two hours by the employment of massive frequent injections of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. I believe that if vitamin C in these massive doses — 6,000 to 20,000 mg in a twenty-four hour period — is given to these patients with poliomyelitis none will be paralyzed and there will be no further maiming or epidemics of poliomyelitis.

1950  UNICEF, part of the UN which is run by the Jesuits, irradiates North African Jewish children immigrating to Israel with 35,000 times more rads than normal.

1950  The 1948 findings of Dr. Sandler in North Carolina that “the neurological damage caused by Pertussis vaccine is the same as the damage caused by Pertussis (whooping cough)” are dinegrated in the public media, who claims that Sandlers findings are a “myth.”

1950  Rockefeller Milk Trust and Coca Cola force return to previous levels of sugar and dairy product consumption. Polio levels rise to pre-1949 level.

1950  The U.S. Navy sprays a cloud of bacteria over San Francisco in a biological warfare experiment conducted on the American public. Many residents came down with a pneumonia-like disease and one person died because of it.

1950  Professor Pierre LePine, noted scientist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, is reported in the March 30, 1950 edition of the New York Times, as saying “no more than one injection in 2,000 really prevents polio.”

1950  TB death rate down to 50 per 100,000

1951 The U.S. Public Health Service, with the cooperation of the American Dental Association, holds a meeting of state dental directors at which the methods for promotion of fluoridation are outlined. A concentration of 1.2 ppm was suggested, and state dental directors were instructed to lie to the public about the toxic effects of sodium fluoride which is correlated with mongoloid births, cancer. They were to deliberately misinform the public by relating the presence of “high-fluoride areas” to “less cancer and less polio” – an entire public relations campaign meant to convince the public to allow themselves to be medicated.

1952  Dr. Porterfield “There is more money available for matters that have economic value, than there is for health.”

1951  Henry Kumm resigned from the Rockefeller Foundation to accept a position as assistant director of research at the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis [[run by the Rockefellers]. During the Second World War, Kumm experimented with larvicides containing DDT, a known neurotoxin often related to polio-like symptoms, to control the spread of malaria in Italy. [21] 

1952  Heavy spraying of DDT in the US.  The pesticide DDT is often implicated as a likely cause of the polio epidemic in the 1950s.

1952  Dr Ralph Scobey testifies before a subcommittee of Congress that “Polio” is toxicological.


1952  Formulation of the polio vaccine begins. Tens of millions of doses of polio vaccines produced from virus grown in monkey cells infected with SV-40 (Simian Virus #40).

1953  In the United States, Senator Charles Tobey begins a Senate investigation into the cancer industry. U.S. Justice Department attorney Ben Fitzgerald is hired as special counsel. Fitzgerald’s report concluded that “the AMA, in direct collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the Federal Drug Administration, entered into a conspiracy to suppress alternative, effective cancer treatments.

Said Fitzgerald, “if radiation, surgery and drugs are the complete answer, then the greatest hoax of the age is being perpetrated upon the people by the continued appeal for funds for further research.” Senator Tobey is dispatched with a convenient “heart attack”, as has happened to others who threaten the cancer industry. Tobey’s replacement, Senator John Bricker, orders Fitzgerald to stop the investigation. Fitzgerald refuses and is fired. The investigation is halted and buried.

1953  At the University of Zurich, Dr. S. Kong of the Pediatric Clinic compiles a list of 82 cases of Pertussis vaccine damage from world literature.

1953  Senator Charles Tobey, Jr enters an investigative report into the Congressional Record (Fitzgerald Report) which indicated that evidence existed of a conspiracy to suppress medical advances in the treatment of cancer in the 1950’s.

1953  Pertussis vaccinations in France, Chile, Austria, Holland and the Scandinavian countries are positively correlated with cases of autism. US ignores data.

1953 The Swedish conduct a study on the Pertussis vaccine. Anna L. Annell, a Swedish researcher, writes a major work on Pertussis which indicates that “pertussis vaccine may be associated with the most varying kinds of cerebral complications which may be cortical, subcortical or peripheral.” Encephalitis after vaccination is known to produce the same range of disabilities and impairment.

Annel also wrote, “during the past few decades certain of the epidemic children’s diseases, measles in particular, have shown an increased tendency to attack the central nervous system. After the 1920’s a large number of cases involving CNS damage were reported.

1954  Henry Kumm worked with DDT, conducted field trials in the study of gamma globulin and the Salk vaccine and became the director of research at the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis [a Rockefeller controlled organization].

1954 Polio vaccination begins; Polio rates increase, and the percentage of severe and paralytic polio skyrockets.
1954  Salk vaccine begins to be given to school children in Philadelphia.


1954 Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company combines the DPT shot with Polio vaccine. The new combination of four vaccines is called Quadrigen. (See 1959).

1954 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memo deems LSD a “new agent for unconventional warfare.” [A bioweapon.]  CIA orders 100 million doses from I.G. Farben through Sandoz for mind control experiments well into the 1960’s.

1954 Mass introduction of sugared soft drinks in the United States.

1954 General vaccination programs against Polio begin in the United States. Rockfellers involved at every level.

1954 Reward of $30,000 offered to anyone who proves polio vaccine not a fraud.  Not one person was able to claim the reward.

1954 Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, allows a press photo to be taken during a ceremony declaring Salk vaccine safe.

1954 Polio rate caused by the vaccine accelerates ten-fold in Massachusetts.

1954  Eli Lilly company begins renovation of a five-story building in Indianapolis in July 1954 for the production of Salk vaccine. It is in full production by October of 1954. Wyeth, Parke-Davis and others follow suit.

1955 Under the MacArthur regime, every citizen in Japan receives two smallpox vaccinations. (Life magazine Aug 22, 1955).

1955  Georgia State public health officers meet in Atlanta (May 1955) to discuss what was going wrong with the Salk vaccine program . A U.S. Public Health scientist at the meeting told the group thathe was not permitted to disclose what had happened because it would jeopardize the investment of the pharmaceutical firms in the vaccine program.”

1955  Time Magazine wrote of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis blowing the danger of polio out of proportion:  “All week the air was full of brickbats for Secretary Hobby and her department, although President Eisenhower defended her (see NATIONAL AFFAIRS). In retrospect, a good deal of the blame for the vaccine snafu also went to the National foundation (for Infantile Paralysis), which, with years of publicity, had built up the danger of polio out of all proportion to its actual incidence, and had rushed into vaccinations this year with patently insufficient preparation.


1955  through 1960 Albert Sabin created the Oral Polio Vaccine, which was tested on over tens of millions in the USSRthe largest medical experiment in world historyHe also tested his vaccine on federal prisoners in Chillicothe, Ohio and on mentally “defective” children.  Sabin’s vaccine was causing paralysis; the very same thing he had criticized Jonas Salk’s vaccine of doing.


1955  Measles death rate has naturally declined, without vaccines, to .03 per 100,000 by 1955.

1955  American Cancer Society advertising circular states “cancer will strike one of every four persons now living. More children from 3 to 15 years of age die of cancer than from any other disease.” (50 years before, cancer was unheard of in children).

According to the ACS, they are predicting 6.4 million deaths from cancer, compared with 128,000 in 1933 – an increase of 6.2 million cases in 22 years. Vaccination, pesticide use and chemical pollution are the main factors that have increased since 1933.

1955  Despite the skyrocketing cases of vaccine-induced polio, the AMA, NFIP and USPHS claim a reduction of 40-50%.

1955  Idaho brings its Salk vaccination program to a halt on July 1, 1955. Utah does the same on July 12, 1955.

1955  Boston Herald newspaper reports on April 18, 1955, features an article entitled “Drug Companies Expecting Big Profit on Salk Vaccine“, which stated. “A spokesman for Parke-Davis, which made 50% of the Salk vaccine, said ‘now that it has been declared safe, we can get back the millions we invested in the development of the Salk vaccine and make a profit out of it. Our company will make over $10 million on Salk vaccine in 1955.‘”

1955  Rhodes and Company, Wall Street brokers specializing in drug securities, estimate that the gross revenue of the six vaccine houses licensed to produce and sell Salk vaccine would be about $60 million, with profits of $20 million.

1955  The CIA conducts a biological warfare experiment in the Tampa Bay area in Florida with agents withdrawn from an Army CBW center. A sharp rise in whooping cough (Pertussis) cases occurs, including 12 deaths, following the test.

1955  The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis asks the public for $47 million in its “March of Dimes” campaign. The program took over $249 million from the American public since racketeers decided to use FDR’s birthday in 1933 as the time of year for the campaign.

1955  American Cancer Society publication “Cancer Facts” states “there are only three proven ways to curb cancer – x-rays, radium and surgery, either singly or in combination.”

1955 Washington Bureau of the Detroit Free Press reports, on June 3, 1955, that “The USPHS reported that more children who received Salk shots made by the Wyeth Labs suffered polio than could normally be expected ….”

1955 AMA Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Article by James C. Spaulding who covered the conference was published in the AMA Journal, June 19, 1955, “A policy of secrecy and deception has been followed by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis [Rockefellers] and the US Public Health Service in the polio vaccine programs. The nation’s physicians were prevented from learning vital information about the trouble with Salk vaccine. The US Public Health Service had an advisory group made up almost entirely of scientists who were receiving money from the National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis [Rockefellers], which was exerting pressure to go ahead with the program even after Salk vaccine was found to be dangerous.”.

Spaulding further said, the Infantile Paralysis Foundation kept secret the fact that live virus was detected in four out of six supposedly “finished and safe” lots of vaccine.”

1955  Salk Polio Vaccine again used in the US.  Cases of polio skyrocket again in the United States.

1955  Reports that doctors on the staff of the National Institutes for Health are avoiding vaccination of their children with the Salk vaccine. After experimenting with 1,200 monkeys, they declared the Salk vaccine worthless as a preventative and a danger to take.

1955  First vaccinated generation become adolescents.

1955 Vermont reports a 266% increase in polio since vaccinations began in 1954.

1955  Rhode Island reports 454% increase in polio since vaccinations in 1954.

1955  Massachusetts reports 642% increase in polio since vaccinations began in 1954 with vaccination of 130,000 children. In response, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis states that the increase in cases was due to the fact that “no children were vaccinated there.” Massachusetts bans the sale of Salk vaccine.”


1955  Dr. Graham W. Wilson, director of Britain’s Public Health Laboratory Service, who knew about the NIH Salk vaccine trials, says “I do not see how any vaccine prepared by Salk’s method can be guaranteed safe.”

1955  US Surgeon General Scheele admits in a closed session of the AMA that “Salk polio vaccine is hard to make and no batch can be proven safe before given to children”. Despite this fact, the public is told that the vaccine is safe. The government announces that it has the intention to vaccinate 57 million people before August 1955.

1955  Surgeon General Scheele (who never practiced medicine a day in his life) goes on public radio saying “I have complete confidence in the Salk vaccine. I urge doctors to continue vaccinations.”

After 1955  “NON-paralytic polio acquired a new name. It wasn’t until the mid-1950’s that new laboratory techniques of culturing viruses could distinguish THIS polio from its clinical twin, aseptic meningitis. Before 1960, not a single case of “aseptic meningitis” was reported. Then, it was called (non-paralytic) “polio”, and nationally had totaled 70,083 between 1951 and 1960. But from 1961 to 1992, there had been 220,365cases of aseptic meningitis. There were only 589 cases of non-paralytic polio from 1961 to 1982.  Not a single case has been reported since.


“Non-paralytic polio may have “disappeared”. But thousands of children still experience the same symptoms as non-paralytic polio every year. Except now, it goes by another name.”  Gary Krassner


1940-1970  Polio in relation to DDT, BHC, arsenic and lead.


(BHC [benzene hexachloride], a persistent, organochlorine pesticide, is several times more lethal than DDT, in terms of LD50 (lethal dosage required to kill 50 percent of a test population) http://www.vaccinetruth.org/james_west_ddt.htm


“These four chemicals were not selected arbitrarily. These are representative of the major pesticides in use during the last major polio epidemic. They persist in the environment as neurotoxins that cause polio-like symptoms, polio-like physiology, and were dumped onto and into human food at dosage levels far above that approved by the FDA. They directly correlate with the incidence of various neurological diseases called “polio” before 1965. They were utilized, according to Biskind, in the “most intensive campaign of mass poisoning in known human history.”


Graph showing correlation between polio incidence and DDT production in US 1940-1970



1940-1970 Polio in relation to pesticide production

Graph showing correlation between polio incidence and BHC production in US 1940-1970


1940-1970  Polio in relation to pesticide production


Graph showing correlation between polio incidence and lead/arsenic production in US 1940-1970


1940-1970  Polio in relation to pesticide production


Graph showing correlation between polio incidence and production of persistent pesticides (DDT, BHC, Arsenic, Lead) in US 1940-1970



1940-1970, pesticides were used in massive quantities.

[In 1977 the US Army admits that it had carried out hundreds of biological warfare tests in the United States over a period of decades since World War II, including 25 major operations targeting the American public employing known disease-causing agents. Crop disease substances [pesticides] were used 31 times. ]

1955 Dr. Saul Krugman conducts experiments at Willowbrook Hospital in New York in which children are deliberately infected with active Hepatitis virus as part of a study of the disease. Some of the children were retarded.

1956 Seventeen states in the United States reject their government-supplied Salk polio vaccine.

1956  The US tests experimental birth control drugs made by Searle on women in Puerto Rico and Haiti. The women were not informed about potentially serious side effects.

1956 The US Army begins a 3-year program testing biological warfare agents in poor black communities in Savannah, Georgia and Avon Park, Florida. The Army releases mosquitos infected with yellow fever. Many people developed unknown fevers and some died. After each test, the US Army posed as health officials, photographing and testing victims, then disappearing as quickly as they arrived.

1956  US government appropriates $53.6 million to “aid states in providing free vaccine to people under 20 years of age”.

1956 Idaho health director Peterson states that polio only struck vaccinated children in areas where there had been no cases of polio since the preceeding autumn. In 90% of the cases, the paralysis occurred in the arm in which the vaccine had been injected.

1956 American Public Health Service announces 168 cases of polio and 6 deaths among those vaccinated. Censorship is then imposed on the reporting of reactions to Salk vaccine.

1956  The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis conducts its annual “March of Dimes” campaign, milking the public of $47 million.

1956  Annual production of DDT 500 million pounds.

1956  Oral polio vaccine developed further by Sabin.

1956 The New York Times reported on Supplement No. 15 of the Poliomyelitis Surveillance Report for the year which showed 12% more paralysis in 1956 than in 1955. 

1956 The US Public Health Service and the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (Rockefeller) put on a drive to “sell” Salk polio vaccine to the public.

1957 CDC takes over the Tuekegee Experiment.


1957  17 states had rejected their supplies of Jonas Salk’s “anti-paralytic” polio vaccine.  During this year very nearly half the paralytic cases and three-quarters of the non-paralytic cases in children between the ages of 5 and 14 years occurred in “vaccinated” children.


1957  From contemporary reports there were nine times more polio cases in 1957 than in 1956, and that they were more serious than ever before. In the first 8 months of 1957 the Public Health Service reported, out of a total of 3,212 polio cases, there were 1,055 cases of paralysis, or 33.5% of the total. From January 1st to August 1958 there was a total of 1,638 cases of polio, with 801 of them paralytic, or 49% of the total.


Polio had been an extremely rare virus with a 99% recovery rate, only 1% rate of paralysis.  Sherri Tenpenny, MD


1957  Governor Knight of California asks the legislature for $3 million in order to insure vaccination for all those under 40 years old with Salk polio vaccine. The newspapers report that corporate profits from the Salk vaccine will be in excess of $5 billion. (Feb 6, 1957). Governor Knight notes there are 4 million Californians under 40 and signs the bill.

1957 Pertussis vaccination programs exist in all industrialized nations, with the US leading the way. The vaccine is promoted as “risk free”.

1957   Examination of the 1957 directory of the American Psychiatric Association shows that an enormous percentage of individuals listed are foreign-born, mostly from Germany and Eastern Europe.  [Operation paperclip?]

1958  The Expert Committee on Poliomyelitis of the World Health Organization stated in its Technical Report Series, No. 145 (Second Report, p. 34 Geneva, 1958) that:

“It was noted in the Union of South Africa and in the USA, especially in the course of severe outbreaks in Hawaii and Chicago, that vaccination in the face of an epidemic did not appear to shorten its course. Laboratory and field studies have shown that vaccination does not prevent infection or interfere with dissemination of virus in the community.”


1958 World literature now contains 107 cases of severe reaction to Pertussis vaccine (93 of those cases were in the US). At the Fountain Hospital in London, Dr. J.M. Berg analyzed the 107 cases and found that 31 of them showed signs of permanent brain damage. Berg calls attention to the danger of mental retardation as an effect of the Pertussis vaccine and emphasizes that “any suggestion of a neurological reaction to a Pertussis vaccination should be an absolute contraindication to further innoculation.

The United States medical establishment ignores and suppresses the data. American physicians maintain that the damage caused is small compared to “lack of ‘serious’ reactions in children vaccinated.” No data has ever been found to justify a basis for this conclusion.

1958  Verdict of $147,000 rendered against Cutter Laboratories in Calfornia for the crippling of two children with the Salk polio vaccine. Cutter Labs was the only vaccine manufacturer not part of the Rockefeller Trust.

1958  Survey of 13,000 adolescent boys in Philadelphia who had been vaccinated, 7.5% were associated with crime.

1958   US Government burns papers of Wilhelm Reich in New York City.

1958 Outgoing President of the Gerontological Society, Dr.A.Lansing, muses “finding a cure for cancer and heart disease would be a major financial disaster which would bankrupt the social security system and the insurance companies.” Prevention, J.L. Rodale, 11/1961.

1959  The United States never conducts its own clinical trials on Pertussis vaccine, but instead relies (as it still does today) on data collected by Britain’s Medical Research Council in clinical trials in England in the 1950’s for “proof of vaccine safety and effectiveness in newborns and children.”


Interestingly, Britain’s trials on 50,000 British children were performed on children more than 14 months old. None of the children were newborns.

1959   National Institute of Health (NIH) approves licensing of Quadrigen vaccine for children, containing Pertussis, Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio vaccines. The new combination vaccine was found to be highly reactive and was withdrawn from the market in 1968 after parents started filing lawsuits against Parke-Davis for vaccine damaged children.

1959   Dr. Albert Sabin develops oral live virus polio vaccination.

1959  Pertussis vaccine found to have allergenic effect on animals.

1960 British Medical Journal publishes an article by Swedish vaccine researcher Justus Strom, who stated that the neurological complications from the disease Pertussis are less than that in the Pertussis vaccine.

Strom also pointed out that “whooping cough (Pertussis) had changed and had become a milder disease, making it questionable whether universal vaccination against it is justified.”


1960  General vaccination program for measles begins in the United States.

1960  It is estimated in 1960 that over 1,000,000 children have vaccine-caused disabilities, including learning difficulties and school behavioral problems, behavioral disturbances, allergies, speech difficulties, visual problems, and problems in adjustment and coping.

1961 A senior school medical officer in northern England, J.M.Hooper, finds that parents are beginning to refuse to bring children for a Pertussis booster shot, based on earlier violent reaction to the “vaccination.” Children were suffering from collapse, vomiting, and uncontrollable screaming. No one paid attention to these warnings.

1961 Sabin polio vaccine immunization campaign.

1961 United States conducts Operation Ranch Hand in Vietnam to defoliate the jungles of Vietnam using Agent Orange (dioxin), made by Monsanto which also made DDT, implicated in poliomyelitis.  Generations of birth defects would appear in Vietnamese after this period. Agent Orange was also used by the British in Malaysia.

By the time spraying ended, over 240 pounds of dioxin had been dumped on Asia. Two ounces in the water supply is enough to kill the population of New York or London. In 1981, Monsanto would be target of a class action lawsuit.

1962 US Army conducts biological warfare tests off Corpus Christ, Texas, spreading particles of zinc-cadmium sulfide, a compound which can cause birth defects, kidney and liver damage (AP 6/22/94).

1962 World population 3.1 billion on a planet Harvard University studies would later determine can comfortably hold 44 billion [despite Rockefeller “concern” about over population].

1962   First meeting in London of Parents of Autistic Children.

1962 Kefauver amendment to Food & Drug Act requires FDA efficacy review.  [A threat to pharmaceutical industry and Rockefeller Medical Monopoly.

1963 British physician writes that pediatricians had become concerned about the high incidence of unpleasant reactions to the DPT shot.

1963  CIA and Tulane University expose the SV-40 virus in polio vaccines to a linear accelerator, with the intent of creating a biological warfare agent, a mutated virus that would cause a “galloping cancer” that would kill its victim within weeks.

1963  Correlation between SAT score decline and increase in violent crime. The study was by Rimland and Larson. The 1960’s marked the beginning of the decline of the American IQ. Tests given in 1970 showed less capacity than in 1945.

1963  Time magazine expose of widespread prison experiments in “war on cancer”.

1963 US Senate investigators told FDA works too closely with drug companies.

1963  AMA Committee on Quackery incorporated to attack chiropractic [naturaopathic] doctors.

1963 American researcher John F. Enders creates a measles vaccine. Mass innoculations begin.

1963  Children vaccinated with killed measles vaccine between 1963 and 1967 develop Atypical Measles Syndrome (AMS). Studies suggest the children’s response to the “wild” measles virus is “altered” and that the severity and persistence of symptoms suggests encephalopathy (brain damage.) See 1967.

1964  Rimland calls attention to the parallels between autism and the brain injured children described by researchers in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

1964 Reward of $30,000 offered to prove polio vaccine was not fraud. No takers.

1964 Business Week magazine reports prisoner testing saves millions for companies

1964 Child autism shows a rising tide in pediatric clinics in the United States. In retrospect, the increased prevalence of autism in the 1950’s and 1960’s precisely reflected the expansion of mandated vaccination programs during the same decades.

1965  Dow Chemical Company undertakes a 3-year human experimentation program on black prisoners at Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia testing the human effects of dioxin – made by Monsanto – the highly toxic component of Agent Orange – also made by Monsanto which also made DDT associated with polio. No follow-up studies were conducted. A previous experiment by Dow on 51 prisoners was also conducted.

After the harmful effects are determined, the agent is sprayed on the human population in Southeast Asia, causing decades of death and birth defects in both residents and US soldiers who return from the war.

1965   Congress passes the Immunization Assistance Act. More states made their vaccination programs obligatory.

1966  American Cancer Society formulates a “State Model Cancer Act” which is designed to prevent any treatment of cancer by anything other than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

The use of other methods becomes a felony. California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio and Pennsylvania now enforce a variation of this “anti-quackery” law.

1966  General vaccination programs for Rubella (German measles) are put into action in the United States. (See 1971).

1967 At the Bland-Sutton Institute of Middlesex Hospital in London, George Dick writes, “it has been long known that increasing the number of Pertussis bacteria per dose of vaccine increases the frequency of reactions. It would be surprising if decreasing the size of the infants receiving a particular vaccine did not also increase the reactions.” A violation of a standard axiom in medicine, which matches the size and weight to an amount of substance. (Why are newborns getting the same dosage as an adult?).

1967  General vaccination program for Mumps begins in the United States.

1968  Rockefeller monopoly moves to back food irradiation process on national level.

1968  Ethical objections are raised about the Tuskegee Experiment.

1969  CDC reaffirms the Tuskegee Experiment overriding ethical objections, though the Experiment grossly violates the Nuremberg Code in place since 1947, with the CDC even after almost 40 years of the experiment, keeping the men in ignorance of their disease even as they died, continuing to deny  them penicillin, which had been in common use for curing syphilis for decades, and the CDC ensuring doctors in the area would not treat the men if they came to them.

1969  Dr.Harlan Jones, professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, states that according to carefully researched statistics,a cancer patient who did not receive surgery, chemotherapy or radiation had a greater life expectancy than the one who receives treatment by about four times. Ref: Harlan Jones, “A Report on Cancer”, available at University of California Berkeley library. (See 1975)

1969  Diptheria outbreak in Chicago. The Chicago Board of Heath reports that 37.5% of the Diptheria cases had been fully vaccinated or showed immunity.

1969  Neurologically defective 4 and 5 year olds begin to appear.

1969   A Congressional study reveals that 37 of 49 top officials of the FDA who left the agency moved into high positions within pharmaceutical companies they had regulated. (See 1975).

1969  US Department of Defense sought funds from Congress to create a “synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired” Funds granted in 1970 Appropriations.

1969  US takes steps to ban DDT in the United States, but DDT still exported.

1970 Due to the increasingly mild nature of whooping cough (Pertussis), infant deaths cease from naturally acquired Pertussis in Sweden. Deaths associated with vaccine continue. Sweden stops Pertussis vaccination in 1970.

1970  US Dept of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) reports ” as much as 26% of children receiving rubella (german measles) vaccination in national testing programs developed arthralgia and arthritis . Many had to seek medical attention and some were hospitalized.”

1970  A study by Pittman reveals Pertussis vaccine can induce hypoglycemia due to increased production of insulin. (Ref: DPT shots). Study is corroborated in 1978 by Hannick and Cohen and by Hennessen and Quast in West Germany. Result: Pertussis and DPT vaccines can cause diabetes.

1970 FDA Commissioner Dr. Herbert Ley blows the whistle on the FDA and its corrupt relationship with the medical and pharmaceutical cartels. It is ignored by an intimidated government. Ley is forced out and replaced.

1971  The incidence of asthma in children begins a significant increase.

1971 The American Cancer Society decided that screening women for breast cancer was a good idea. (See 1974). (Note: “Screening” = Radiation that causes cancer)

1972  Dr.Dean Burk of the National Cancer Institute declares in a letter to a member of Congress that high officials of the FDA, AMA, ACS and U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now HHS) were deliberately falsifying data and information, lying, committing unconstitutional acts and in other ways thwarting potential cures to which they were opposed. (Letter to Congressman Louis Frey Jr).

Also dealt with the issue of laetrile, a non-patentable (natural) product opposed by the California Medical Association.

1972  World Health Organization (WHO) Bulletin No.47 refers to creation of an immune virus that kill t-cells (see 1969) and suggests that a useful way to study the effects would be “to put it into a vaccination program and observe the results”. It is theorized that WHO used the smallpox vaccination program in Central Africa for this study, since the spread of AIDS coincides precisely with the most intense and recent smallpox vaccination campaigns. Information on the Central African countries most infected with AIDS precisely matches WHO figures indicating the number of people vaccinated in these areas. The virus requested would selectively destroy the T-cell system. (1972 Federation Proceedings of WHO).

1972 British Journal of Psychiatry #120 reveals that “psychotic disorders may be caused by viral infections.” (Ref:  Viruses induced by vaccines).

1973  John Gardner, Secretary of HEW, becomes aware of things that were “bad and dangerous” about vaccines after taking over the agency and asks Jim Turner, a Nader’s Raider, to investigate vaccine regulation as Turner had just done with food regulation (see “the Chemical Feast”).

1973  Jim Turner finds an “unbelievable wasteland of mismanagement, ignorance and dangerousness on the part of the government …. [We] talked to virtually every single vaccine regulatory at that time and in every instance the vaccines they were regulating posed a serious safety and efficacy problemDPT was said by the person in charge of regulating it to be the dirtiest substance ever put into the human body.  The cholera vaccine was said by the person regulating it that it did not address the disease, it only masked the symptoms, and one of the results of that was it spread the disease.  The quality control officer said there’s mercury and other heavy metals in the vaccines that we are not reporting to anyone.  Issue after issue in vaccines went that way.  We met with the scientist responsible for creating  CDC, at that time he was a professor at Harvard, and he told us how he’d been fired from the CDC for refusing to issue the annual announcement urging the American public to take the flu vaccine.  This entire picture was a bizarre picture.”

1973  Two former Congressmen and one vice-chairman of the AMA Council on Drugs testify before Congress. They accuse the AMA of being “held captive of and beholden to the pharmaceutical industry.”.

1974 Article is written in Britain by Kulenkampff, Schwartzman and Wilson who retrospectively analyze 36 cases of neurological illness at the Hospital for Sick Children in London from 1961 to 1972. All the cases were thought to be attributable to DPT shots. Out of 36 cases, 4 recovered completely, 2 died, and 30 were left mentally retarded or in seizure conditions.

1974 British researcher George Disk estimates that there are 80 cases of severe neurological complications from Pertussis vaccine annually. Over 33% of these children died and another 33% were left with brain damage. Dick maintains he is not convinced that the community benefit from the vaccine outweighs the damage.

1974  The Association of Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children is formed in Britain, and pressures the government to study adverse reactions to Pertussis vaccine.

 1974   California passes an act based on American Cancer Society “Model Law” in 1966 which makes it a felony to treat cancer in California by any method other than radiation, surgery or chemotherapy.

1974 Health Newsletter V3N1, Jan 74. Dr.David Grassetti “the spread of cancer in mice is astounding after they are given a dose of Rifampin, a “miracle antibiotic” made by Dow Chemical, which received almost $900,000 in contracts from the National Cancer Institute. The research results were permitted to remain Confidential.”

1975 A General Accounting Office (GAO) study of the FDA reveals that 150 FDA officials owned stock in the companies they were supposed to regulate.

1975  The British medical journal Lancet reports on a study which compared the effect on cancer patients of chemotherapy or no treatment at all. “No treatment” proved significantly better policy for patient survival and quality of life.

1975 Federal Drug Administration Bureau of Biologics concludes that Diptheria toxoid (vaccine) is “not as effective an immunizing agent as might be anticipated.” They admit that Diptheria may occur in vaccinated people, and note that “the permanence of immunity induced by the toxoid is open to question.”

1975  Japan stops using Pertussis vaccine following publicity about vaccine-related deaths.

1976 FDA Pertussis vaccine specialist Charles Manclark comments “Pertussis vaccine is one of the most troublesome products to produce and assay. It has one of the highest failure rates of all products submitted to the Bureau of Biologics for testing and release. Approximately 15-20% of all lots which pass manufacturer tests fail to pass the tests of the Bureau.”

1976  Congress passes PL 94-266 to pay for national swine flu innoculation in US

1976  More than 500 people die from receiving swine flu vaccinations and thousands become paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

1976 According to a letter from the British Association for Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children, published in the British Medical Journal of February 1976, “two years ago we started to collect details from parents of serious reactions suffered by their children to immunizations of all kinds.


In 65% of the cases referred to us, reactions followed “triple” vaccinations. The children in this group total 182 to date. All are severely brain damaged, some are paralyzed, and 5 have died during the past 18 months. Approximately 60% of reactions (major convulsions, collapse, screaming) happened within 3 days and all within 12 days.

1976  Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the polio vaccine, says that analysis indicates that the live virus vaccine in use since the 1960’s is the principle, if not sole cause of all polio cases since 1961.

1976  After declining steadily since 1922, cases of Pertussis (whooping cough) suddenly begin to rise significantly between 1976 and 1980, during the same time vaccination for Pertussis was increased. The number of reported cases has risen each year since 1977. Reasons are said to be “unclear” why school age children make up the bulk of the cases.

1976  West Germany ends its mass Pertussis immunization program.

1977 A Blue Ribbon Panel is convened to investigate the reason for the drop in the general IQ of the United States.  Seventy-nine theories were advanced, but none of them satisfactorily explained the drop in mental capacity of the US population. The idea that vaccines could be part of the problem was not brought up. Y.L. Warten, 1977. (The Prussian education system is also part of the problem).

1977  The British government is pressured by the publicity following the new data about Pertussis and DPT vaccinations.

1977  The University of Glasgow in Scotland, Department of Community Medicine, Dr. Gordon Stuart, publishes a study analyzing 160 cases of adverse reaction and neurotoxicity following DPT vaccination. In 65 of those cases, reactions to DPT shots included convulsions, hyperactivity and severe mental defect. In a stern statement, Stuart says, “it seems likely that most adverse reactions are unreported and/or overlooked.”

1977  Jonas and Darrell Salk warn live virus vaccines produce same disease.

1977 Timothy Leary publishes “Exo-Psychology”, in which he confides “there are two aspects of this social conditioning regime which are not stressed by Skinner. To make it work, the government psychologists must have total control over the citizenry, and there must be total secrecy and censorship.

2002 National Vaccine Information Center:  “The old live vaccinia virus vaccine for smallpox was never tested for safety or efficacy in controlled trials prior to mandates and [the smallpox vaccine] may have caused more reactions, injuries and deaths than any vaccine ever used by humans on a mass basis. Those recently vaccinated become infected with vaccinia virus and can transmit the virus to others, leading to injury and death for some.”

2005  The Spanish flu that didn’t exist becomes the basis of pandemic laws put in place by Bush and the CDC that mandate untested, unknown vaccines and drugs, ensuring a repeat of the 1918 catastrophe.]

2009  “Army Institute of Pathology Ft. Detrick, Maryland, to create a “novel” strain of weaponized “influenza” virus …. surreptitiously released upon the world in March and April of 2009.

2009  WHO and CDC astronomically inflate the threat of swine flu, a virus whose patent is held by NIH and Dyncorps, a military contractor known for sex trafficking young girls and trafficking drugs.  CBS reporter exposed that the CDC’s number of cases did not reflect reality.  In California, 98% of CDC swine flu cases were not swine flu or most not any flu at all, but upper respiratory infections like colds.  CDC put pregnant women “first in line” for swine flu vaccines though they’d never been tested on pregnant women and though they contained 25,000 times more mercury than is allowed in drinking water.  The vaccine caused a 700% increase in fetal death.  The H1N1 vaccine is now hidden in the seasonal flu vaccine.

2010  Lawyer Jim Turner who was asked by John Gardner head of HEW to investigate vaccines.  “It is not possible for a country to be moral if it requires every one of its children to consume a product knowing that some of them will die and some of them will be maimed.”

2011 Bill and Melinda Gates’ polio vaccine campaign in India caused 47,500 cases of paralysis and death.

2011  Gates and GAVI teamed up with the World Bank and UN Population Fund in under the Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation. The Task Force, “…acts as a global coordinating body for anti-fertility vaccine R&D.” GAVI is heavily funded by the BMGF for the global vaccination projects.


GAVI was using an untested vaccine on Pakistani children and was blamed for the deaths of 10,000 children when they came in and administered polio vaccines that resulted in casualties.


2011 As reported by the Los Angeles Times:


Over the last year, the Obama administration has aggressively pushed a $433-million plan to buy an experimental smallpox drug, despite uncertainty over whether it is needed or will work.


Senior officials have taken unusual steps to secure the contract for New York-based Siga Technologies Inc., whose controlling shareholder is billionaire Ronald O. Perelman, one of the world’s richest men and a longtime Democratic Party donor.


“Once feared for its grotesque pustules and 30% death rate, smallpox was eradicated worldwide as of 1978 and is known to exist only in the locked freezers of a Russian scientific institute and the U.S. government. There is no credible evidence that any other country or a terrorist group possesses smallpox.”


2012  All the CDC mandated vaccines for American children, including polio, contain polysorbate 80, a sterilizing agent and a preferred ingredient in an international patent on “A Fertility Impairing Vaccine.”  The request for the patent came form the University of Georgia Research Foundation which is near the CDC and composed on pharmaceutical companies.  The same group holds at least one other sterilizing patent for vaccines.

2012  India charges the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation and two organizations funded by them, PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), in the Supreme Court of India, with criminally negligent trialling the vaccines on a vulnerable, uneducated and under-informed population school administrators, students and their parents who were not provided informed consent or advised of potential adverse effects or required to be monitored post-vaccination.”

2012  British researcher uses Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the UK government and discovers 30 years of hidden documents revealing 1) vaccines do not work, 2) vaccines cause the diseases they are alleged to prevent, 3) vaccines contain dangerous toxins, 4) the government and vaccine industry collude to hide these facts from the public, and 5) the government and vaccine industry collude to prevent safety studies.  In short, the documents reveal that vaccines are a medical fraud and a threat to health and life.

2012  The CDC is taken to federal court because it will not respond to endless FOIA requests around vaccines, mercury and autism, and refuses to hand documents over to the court.

2012  While waiting on the CDC to response to the court’s order to turn over documents about vaccines, the Obama Administration attempts to alter FOIA law so allow agencies such as the CDC to lie that requested documents do not exist.

2013 Attempts by WHO and GAVI to give the same Gates polio vaccine paralyzing  children in India and killing large numbers of children in Pakistan, to Syrian children, and during jihadist attacks funded by US to remove President Assad from office.  Syrian minister of social affairs, said : “The polio virus originates in Pakistan and has been brought to Syria by the jihadists who come from Pakistan.”

2013  Scientific American:  “Credible reports of a [polio] vaccination campaign that is part of a CIA plot—one the U.S. has not denied.”  10,000 children died from the polio vaccines the WHO, Gates, GAVI were forcing on them.  But when the Pakistani government tried to refuse the vaccines, the WHO acted as though there were natural polio outbreaks in Pakistan, rather than the vaccines causing polio, as they were doing in the 10s of 1000s in neighboring India)  threatened to take away visas, and called for “saturation” vaccination.

2014  Strict fatwas banning vaccines against polio were observed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Somali, ruling that polio vaccines cause infertility [which is true, having been designed by Gates, GAVI,the World Bank and UN Population Fund in under the Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation. The Task Force, “…acts as a global coordinating body for anti-fertility vaccine R&D.” (Using vaccines for covert sterilization, including in those countries, was what Kissinger had urged in 1974.)

2014  Ebola outbreaks in West Africa coincided with a UN vaccine campaigns given by Doctors without Borders.  The UN is run by the Jesuits.  The Jesuits take an extreme oath to kill by any means, including secretly using the “poisoned cup.”  http://www.reformation.org/jesuit-oath.html

2014  Nana Kwame in Ghana sent out an international warning that there is no ebola in Ghana and the only ebola is coming from Red Cross vaccines.  He says ebola is a mean for the US to go into West Africa not to help but for the oil, diamonds and other resources it has not been able to get by other means. He reports Nigeria and Liberia are kicking the Red Cross out of their countries.  The Red Cross is run by the Jesuits who take an oath to kill by any means, including secretly, using the “poisoned cup.” . http://www.reformation.org/jesuit-oath.html

2014  The ebola outbreak in early March in West Africa coincided with three separate vaccination campaigns countrywide: a cholera oral vaccine effort by Medicins Sans Frontieres under the WHO; and UNICEF-funded prevention programs against meningitis and polio.

2014  The Daily Observer, the leading paper in Liberia, posted a front page article by a US researcher who said that ebola and AIDS were invented by western pharmaceutical companies and the US DOD.

2014  WHO numbers for ebola cases are not accepted by Europe because 69% do not match lab tests.  CDC which holds the patent on ebola, a US bioweapon, said it comes from fruit bats in Africa and that ebola is 90% fatal and incurable.  A doctor in Liberia is getting a 93% survival rate with a known HIV drug and high dose vitamin C is a cure.  The WHO and CDC do not tell the public that ebola can be treated (93% survival with HIV drug, high dose vitamin C a cure) but are promoting rushed, unknown, untested vaccines.

2014  GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a vaccine manufacturer, dumps 45 liters of live polio virus into Belgian rivers.  Government urges people to get polio vaccines (which are made by GSK).  GSK has criminal charges against it in China, Britain, Poland, and was involved in the largest health care fraud Settlement in US History.  GSK is one the companies competing to produce an ebola vaccine.

2014  A CDC scientist confesses the CDC hid the data in 2004 showing the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine does cause autism and at a 340% greater rate in little black boys.  Questions are raised as to whether the vaccine is racially targeted.

2014  It comes to light that CDC works for the CIA , sending people to DC to train with them who then come back and work on secret projects.  The CDC was founded in 1946 after the war.  That was the same time Operation Paperclip, a CIA project, brought Nazi doctors and researchers, engineers out of Germany and put them into jobs related to their previous work – on missiles, on human experiments, on space craft, on bioweapons, etc.  One Auschwitz experiment was how to sterilize people covertly at doctor appointments.

2014  88% of parents in predominantly white wealthy areas of LA do not vaccinate their children.

2014  The CDC exposing black baby boys to the MMR which their own data shows is 340% more likely to develop autism, brings forward information that the CDC ran has a history of running maiming or deadly vaccine tests on black and Hispanic children.

This is an incomplete history of vaccines but should indicate enough for people to decide whether they should be waiting eagerly for an ebola vaccine or taking vitamin C, a preventive and a cure.

“Psychologically speaking, nothing is darker or more menacing, or harder to accept, than the participation of physicians in mass murder.”–Robert J. Lifton, The Nazi Doctors: Medical killing and the Psychology of Genocide


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