Vitamin C for Newbies and for Professionals And For Any Hiding Under The Bed To Avoid Ebola

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This is a short course in vitamin C.  Get out your pencils and paper and don’t take a test, just enjoy the films and imagine all that vitamin C can do for you and your family and friends.

The scientist who is the only person in history to win two independent Nobel prizes and who risked his considerable reputation to begin a total revolution in medicine.

Linus Pauling:  Vitamin C is a cure for Cancer, Heart Disease and AIDS


Here is the explanation for why vitamin C can cure degenerative diseases, infections, all viruses, all toxins, and even radiation poisoning.  And it’s just so simple.  And in a moment, the endless complexity and confusion of modern medicine down to utter elegant simplicity.  The truth of why it works becomes obvious.


This is what a vitamin C cure looks like, and as will be obvious, it’s not piddling.  For conventional doctors, though, it defies medical belief and is threatening.  For the rest of us, it’s great fun to watch the unbelievable become real.  60 Minutes did a great segment.


This lecture followed that cure in New Zealand.  The first little part is in “New Zealandish” so might be hard to understand but the rest is in American.


This Powerpoint goes with it.

Here are excellent videos for professionals, and for everyone else.

For standard medical doctors


For experienced natural health  physicians



Now, having seen all that and no longer a newbie and way ahead of almost all physicians in the country, nay, the world, here is why vitamin C is a cure for ebola and how to dose it.

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